Rear projection Natural Black Film

Natural Black Film   for rear projection can be applied to virtually any clear surface with self-adhesive backing. The films have superior visual performance even in high ambient light situations such as exterior windows. The films use microscopic glass beads create a stunning optical image. A unique black layer helps to reject ambient light and give you the very best image in all indoor and outdoor applications. This film should only be used with standard business type digital projectors. Moreover, it can be cut into any shape giving a more eye-catching effect shaped projection.

Natural Black Rear Projection Film
Type Rear Projection Film
Color Natural Black
Material Optical   Projection film
Viewing Angle 160º
Contrast 1800:1
Thickness 100 microns
Size 1524x30000mm
Dimension of Roll 1524 x   2500mm, 1524 x   5000mm, 1524 x   10000mm, 1524x30000mm
Delivery 5-7 days

Types are available on our Rear Film Screen

  • Transparent Film
  • High Contrast Film
  • H-Def Cinema Film
  • Gray Film
  • Dark Gray Film
  • White Film
  • Dual Film
  • Natural Black Film


  • Home Theatre
  • Point of Sale
  • Receptions Areas
  • Exhibitions
  • Entertainment Events
  • Boardroom Presentations
  • Shopping Malls
  • Sports arena
  • Retail & Department store
  • TRADE   Shows
  • AV Rentals
  • Sport Arenas
  • HOTEL   Lobbies
  • Museums
  • Flat Panel Advertisements
  • Gaming CasinosGarranty
  • Digital signage
  • Information kiosk
  • Video conferencing
  • Advertising
  • POS display
  • Casino & restaurant