There may be some questions in your mind. We have carefully thought over these questions and tried our best to give you an explaination of these, so that you can avail our Products at your best!

Q: What are 3D LCD's (3D TVS) ?
A: As the name implies, auto-stereoscopic (3D LCD) displays can create a 3D experience without having to rely on any extra devices like shutter glasses.

Q:How are these screens different from normal LCD Plasmas?
A: They have a barrier screen to gate the images

Q: What is the self life of 3D Plasma?
A: 5 yrs.

Q: Can these screens play high quality normal Video content? (2D Content)
A: Yes any digital TV signal can be played on these 3D screens.

Q: Can these screens be used for Home viewing?
A: Not yet real time conversion of 2D to 3D is still some way off.

Q: Why I see double or blur images and it strains my eyes?
A: The screen has 9 optimal viewing positions to cater for all eyesight characteristics.

Q: What is the minimum distance required to view the screens?
A: Too close and you are in the image best to be around 15 to 20 feet

Q: What is the viewing angle of the screen?
A: 180 degrees but remember the optimal viewing position - usually a slight head movement and you are there

Q: What kind of 3D Video Content can be played on these screens?
A: Any 3D video content can be played including stereoscopic

Q: How best is the projection out of the screen (POP OUT) achieved?
A: This can only be done using 3D CGI and full 3D Modeling

Q: what kind of creatives are required for playback on these screens?
A: Either 2D to 3D converted or 3D cgi processed in our studio will be required for playback. Also these screens can play any other video signals as informed earlier.

Q: Can we also convert our existing 2D TVC or Video into 3D?
A: Yes, we can convert your 2D TVC to 3D TVC, by giving depth & also can add 3D elements into the same for projection and pop-out effect.