3D Content Services

3D Content Production


Content production for Auto-stereoscopic 3D is done “in house” by Three D Holograms Pvt. Ltd. To carter each and every need of the client, we have a full fledge team of Animators, Compositors and FX Artist with a good background of commercial art and advertisement; collectively we all are capable of delivering the toughest jobs in the industry in the given timeline.

  • Converting 2D digital material into Stereoscopic 3D. Converting Stereoscopic 3D to Multi views (Autostereoscopic 3D) 2D Tvcs adaptation to 3D CGI/VFX compatible for 3D Media platform.
  • High/Low Poly Modeling, VFX, Character Animation Dynamics & Fluid Simulations for any content production as per requirement.
  • 3D Animation and VFX
  • Full CGI ( Computer Generated Imagery ).
  • Logo Animation.
  • Pack Shots.
  • Character Animation.
  • Dynamics ( Fluids and SFX ).
  • Motion Graphics.
  • Promo Packaging.
  • Compositing / Rotoscopy / Wire Removals
  • 2D to 3D Conversions


  • Storyboard writing for 3D TVCS or other production
  • Suggestions on the format of the 3D TVC (3D CGI)
  • Ideas and concepts for best and impactful results
  • Complete new 2D or 3D TVC production